Debbie and Ken's Excellent Adventure – we take off…..

We Settle In…


View from my brother's kitchen sink

View from my brother’s kitchen sink

Added picture from before as didn’t know how to caption it on first page, so sorry for the repeat. Still learning about posting. Don’t know if anyone will read, but is better than sending a bunch of emails, and good practice for me.

We’ve already established a routine after just a few days here: individual computer work, working out at Curves/the Y, respectively, in the mornings, doing something together in the afternoon. Meal preparation seems to be a big thing as fresh/raw foods are labor intensive, but worth it! Ken says that it’s funny that he never thought much about what was going to be served before, but now that he is involved in the planning, shopping, cleaning up, he is more interested. Speaking of chores, since he was working the last few years, and I wasn’t, I did all the “chores”. Now things are more on an equal basis, so he has jumped in and does the clean up, makes the bed, helps with the meal planning, cooking, etc. Things are much more balanced in that arena, which is good. I’m enjoying not having to “do it all”!

Yesterday was the first day without a paycheck coming in. We went to a free state park: Samuel Taylor. Beautiful trees and in the high hills.
On our way back, we could have turned toward Napa and Sonoma. If we were on vacation and you spend a little extra to experience the environment, since it’s a short period of time, I would have said, “Let’s turn toward wine country and stop for a glass of wine and dinner”. Since we aren’t on vacation and are “living” and thinking about what we spend, I knew we’d be going home, as we have wine and dinner there for much less money. Guess it’s just a mind set and one that will take getting used to.

Ken seems more relaxed and adjusting a bit at a time. He still mentions the big money picture a couple of times a day, as if he’s still trying to convince himself that it’s OK to not work for now. After 40 years of working, know it’s a big adjustment. I’m glad we’re in a new and different environment, instead of at “home”, so it doesn’t feel like he’s just not going into work. Think women who have been in and out of the workplace due to child or elderly parent tending might have an easier time letting go of the notion of having to go to work all the time.

Tomorrow a busy day: Farmers’ Market in the morning and then jumping on the BART train to see an Oakland A’s game.


7 thoughts on “We Settle In…

  1. Love the photos and tomorrow’s plans! Love you, R

  2. Excited for you guys! Blog idea is a great one!

  3. Thanks for the interesting reading with your insightful comments. I totally agree with your comments about women bouncing in and out of the work world, so we more easily adjust when we retire compared to men who usually have a more abrupt stop. You’re smart to consider how life is different for you both now and to savor the differences. Enjoy each new experience and we’ll look forward to hearing about them…

  4. Hooray! Glad you guys are having fun!

  5. More posts please!

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