Debbie and Ken's Excellent Adventure – we take off…..

The Farmers’ Market


Yellow finn potatoes

Yellow finn potatoes

Japanese sweet potatoes

Japanese sweet potatoes

Asian pears

Frisch cheese wrapped in lavender and pepper

Frisch cheese wrapped in lavender and pepper

Dry Farm Early Girl Tomatoes

Dry Farm Early Girl Tomatoes

A typical Farmers' Market booth

A typical Farmers’ Market booth

Before talking about the Farmers’ Market, a word about Blogging: it’s so one-sided!! PLEASE continue to email and dialogue with me about YOUR life!
I don’t want that connection to stop….the blog is just for larger/more public observations and experiences….

So, the Montclair Farmers’ Market. First of all, I’m used to Madison, WI’s absolutely outstanding, huge Farmers’ Market. I’m very spoiled.
Madison has about 300? more? booths all around the Capitol Square. It is one of my favorite activities in the summer. Around here, there are more, smaller Farmers’ Markets, (this one at Montclair had about 24-30 booths) but each one is overflowing and of course they are outside all year long. They have more fruit than in the Madison plus lots of samples!! Yum!

A couple of new foods for us that we bought to try at home:

Dry Farm Early Girl Tomatoes. They have an actual cult following here, and I can see why.

(I can’t figure out how to insert the picture into the text, instead of at the beginning of the Post, so you’ll have to refer to picture above until I figure that out. Sorry….it’s a learning process!)

So, back to the tomatoes: the reason they are so DELICIOUS, is that they grow mostly in CA during the dry season. The plants are stressed from lack of moisture, so their roots reach deep down, and the plant puts a lot of energy into the fruit. Any other tomato I eat going forward,
will taste substandard to the Dry Farmed, I am sure. Pure Heaven!

The Frisch wrapped in lavender pepper cheese is a cow’s milk and we of course had a sample. Had never heard of a “Frisch” cheese, even with me having lived in WI, the Cheesehead Land, for the last 18 years! We ended up getting a Buffalo-Goat cheese blend to take home. Smooth and mild, and delicious.

Asian pears: The gal at the booth said she had 5 or 6 varieties, each unique. Again, new for us.
They are juicy, crispy and sweet. Sort of a cross between an apple and a pear, but different.

Two new types of potatoes (see above – sorry…I’ve GOT to figure out how to place these images in the body of the text) that we bought to try:
Japanese sweet potatoes (like a yam, only white but still sweet) and Yellow Finn potatoes (like Yukon Gold, only “better”, according to the booth owner).

Everyone at the Market very nice and anxious to please and inform (and sell, I’m sure, but that’s understandable). Will definitely go back each Sunday that we’re here. Since we have more time for food prep., we’re trying to eat more fresh/raw/healthy (and my Cooking Club Gal Pals will be proud of me: with no recipes!!). Good ingredients definitely make things taste better, as we all know.

Well, that’s it for now. Please let me hear from you all about YOU in our usual emails….missing you all, but am enjoying the start of this new chapter in our lives…


4 thoughts on “The Farmers’ Market

  1. Third picture is Brookside Farm. Fifth picture is my favorite favorite tomatoes! Yum!

  2. Just now catching up on your blog … I love it! Your WB yard is mowed and all the branches picked up. No sign of the renters, yet, but today is August 1st. Miss you guys!

  3. Hi Deb, Thanks for sharing your journey! All is well here in Walworth! Cheers, Sandy

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