Debbie and Ken's Excellent Adventure – we take off…..

Montpellier, France – Part Two


Well, it’s been two years since my last post. In the time since we left Montpellier,
we have moved to Beaufort, SC and started our “retired” life here. It’s a great place, we have made many friends and are enjoying our new environment (including no winters like what we experienced in the Midwest). We know how to adjust to a new place/life partly because of our experiences in France. (Although it’s a bit easier here, as everyone speaks English. LOL) .

Our new neighborhood

Our new neighborhood

I feel I have changed due to what we learned in Montpellier and have been much more open to new experiences and opportunities because of what we discovered about ourselves there. We befriended some Navy guys who were just showing up to serve their tour here in SC and started a cooking club with them. (Never would have thought to hang with mid-20 somethings, but since it worked so well in France, thought I’d try it here.) .

Navy Guys' Cooking Club

Navy Guys’ Cooking Club

It’s been great and feel like we’re a bit like family. Have also taught an adult enrichment class on “3 Months Living Like a Local in Southern France” about our experiences that I wrote about in this Blog. It was very well received, and I was asked back to teach it again.

But, something keeps tugging me back to our “life” in Montpellier. It is mostly the people who we met and connected with. There were about half a dozen with whom I have kept in contact with in the past 2 years, through email and SKYPE. I seem compelled to spend more time with them in person again.

I feel like we are in a “sweet spot” and should try and explore these things now. We do not yet have grandchildren, elderly parents to deal with, or any health problems. Now’s the time and I want to seize the moment!

We can only get away for a month this time (seems too short, but I’ll take what I can get and feel very blessed that I can do this at all), and hopefully will be able to go again, and for a longer time period, a year from now.

I know it all will be different this time, as it won’t be entirely new, like last time. It will be interesting to see how we feel about it as the month progresses. I invite you to follow my posts, so I can share what I learn in this newest chapter of our retirement life.

So hang on to your hats as we take off again….th[3]


9 thoughts on “Montpellier, France – Part Two

  1. I am so excited to follow your journey!

  2. Hey, Deb, great to hear from you and look forward to following along on your latest adventure!

  3. Let the adventure Part II begin – I look forward to your journaling…….

  4. So glad to get your interesting and most welcome post. I will be following… We leave shortly for a 11 day bking trip around Holland with our Dutch friends and 4 others (8 altogether) biking 30 – 40 m a day around the Iselmere (old Zieder zee) We’ve been in “training”- I do hope enough! Jean and John

  5. Your note was beautifully expressed.I like the blend of logical (good timing) and something more…a pull back to the land and the people. Bon Voyage. Cyndi

  6. Thanks, Cyndi. Being a professional writer, I especially value your comments.

  7. Hi Deb: A wonderful update. I know you are getting excited about the return to belle France and I wish you both every success and happiness!! Buon Voyage!

  8. YAYAYAYAY So excited to spend another delicious month with you in Montpellier!!!

    • We’ll definitely be having good times when I’m there….we will do a lot of
      cooking together, for sure! Thanks for making our time in Montpellier feel like
      “home”. See you SOON!! Bisous, D

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