Debbie and Ken's Excellent Adventure – we take off…..


Deb toasting anniversary

Deb toasting anniversary

Deb, Ken and the girls Just missing Mark

Deb, Ken and the girls
Just missing Mark

Welcome to my Blog, as my husband of 25+ years, Ken, and I embark on a journey of life after kids-are-on-their-own-and-we’re-both-finished-with-our-main-working-careers.

Wanted to capture this new chapter and share this with our friends, instead of emailing all. Ken is 55 (too young for Social Security) and I’m 62 (just a few more years to go to Medicare!). Think a lot of Boomers in our age range are facing this interesting time in their lives, and, as usual, us Boomers will handle it in our own, unique way.

Last week, Ken sold our interest in a small business where he had been working for the last 5 years. We leased out our WI main residence,
and are keeping our 2nd home, in SC, still rented for now. So, we’re homeless and paycheck-less…but are doing it in a way which I can’t complain about at all. We are very blessed. We have our health, a strong, loving relationship, and enough money, if we’re very careful, to not have to eat cat food the rest of our lives (as our Financial Planner, Frank, says, it’s his clients’ biggest fear, to have to eat cat food).
It’s a good time in our lives to try something new and push the comfort zone for two planners/organizers/goal oriented people. Flexibility, spontaneity and living in the moment are going to be the new mantras, at least for the next couple of months. We will see where this will all lead us. It is a good time in our lives to do this, as we do not have any grandchildren yet, our 3 kids are all recently out on their own and supporting themselves, and we do not have any elderly parents that we have to take care of. Ken may eventually get a little part time work, so he then might be tied down to work, so it was now or never.

After moving out of our house for our renters, we packed everything we needed for the next 3.5 months (the rest has been put in storage until we move permanently to our house in SC in Nov.) into 1 big suitcase each (Yikes!), and are now housesitting for my brother in the San Francisco Bay area, while he is out of the country for a month. Third week in Aug., we have rented an apartment in Lyons, France for 10 days, and then will go to another apartment in Montpellier in southern France for Sept. and Oct.

So, this blog is a record of all of our travels and adjustments. Not sure how it will go or if it will be boring to anyone but my immediate family, but thought I’d try it anyway as part of my new life…..


4 thoughts on “About

  1. What a wonderful way to chronicle your adventures. Beautiful pics. Looking forward to many more and appreciate all the local lore. xox

  2. glad all is going well – love the blogs!! Funny how u r now retiring, and I now with the (soon) empty nest am increasing my work for awhile — this manager stuff feels like death by meetings.

  3. Bon jour Debbie, I really enjoy your Blog and hope you will offer another OLLI presentation when you return to SC. I admire your “esprit d’aventures” and appreciate that you will share with us!
    Ginny, Sun City Hilton Head

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